Would you love to be the court reporting firm who never has to worry about finding clients or earning enough money ever again?  Join The Business Lounge, and start getting down to business!

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It's tough doing it all alone. This community will inspire you in all of these ways:

Attract Ideal Clients

Build confidence attracting your ideal clients with our webinars, Watch the webinars with ease at your convenience, and then ask questions so you can get super clear on your strategy.   We are here to help you.

Sell Your Services With Confidence

You will feel empowered once you decide which strategy best suits you for your business.   We will teach you how to nurture your ideal clients and sell without sales.  Doesn't that sound wonderful already?   This will take the pressure off.

Feel Inspired & Motivated

You will have immediate access to all of the webinars and strategy sessions.  You will feel motivated right away.  It's the constant support you've always dreamed of.

The Membership Pays For Itself

You may only need one ah-ha moment to change your entire business.   You have the opportunity to implement the strategies specific to your court reporting business.

LIVE STRATEGY SESSION and TRAINING WEBINARS specific to our niche marketplace. 

Our live strategy sessions provide golden nuggets to help you create and operate a sustainable business. 


Each and every month we also have a LIVE strategy session and this is GOLD!  We discuss questions about implementing the latest and greatest in your business.   You're not alone in this.

The strategy sessions are amazing!

Are you coming?

Monthly membership fee is only $37.  All you need to do is click the JOIN NOW button and follow the steps, and you will be inside the membership momentarily.   



Login with your secure login and password and you can access these 24/7. Each month new material is added to the resource library to help you sell your services and grow your business like a pro!


I'm Debbie Bridges Duffy, and I'm super excited about the membership site, The Court Reporter Business Lounge.  I wish there was a resource like this 17 years ago when I started my own firm.  We all need a safe place to land and learn.  Sharing all of this information shortens the time and money it would take to learn the hard way.   We are in a niche market and you may be feeling overwhelmed right now.  Join the membership site so you can dive deep and work a plan to work your business.   I love business development and I know for sure that working on your business rather than in your business will make you successful.




Q.  I just started my business.  Is this a good fit for me?   

A.  Absolutely.  You will be ahead of the game.

Q. What if I learn the membership site is not for me?  Can I cancel?

A.  There is absolutely no contract.  You can cancel your membership by simply sending an e-mail with that request.

Q.  Can I view the webinars from any device?

A.  Absolutely.  Simply use your secure login and password.


But wait. There's MORE!

You will also have access to another Facebook Group Community filled with networking opportunities with other firm owners. Jobs are posted and BOOM, you're networking in no time at all.

Private Group for Court Reporters who own Firms

All of this and more for only $37 per month!

"Inspirational. Go-getter. Creative. These three words describe an entrepreneur. Debbie Bridges Duffy possesses all of these wonderful attributes and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I first met Debbie over the phone. Her voice, her "I can" attitude, and her ability to focus on resolving issues at hand made her someone whom I could not wait to meet in person! I’m lucky to call this confident, professional woman my friend. She has inspired me to go above and beyond, think bigger picture, and to get at it! Motivated is how you will feel with Debbie by your side. Anissa N."

Can't wait to see you inside the membership site!

So fun hosting our monthly live strategy sessions and sharing the true challenges only firm owners can understand as well as all of the GREAT IDEAS, which are WINS!


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